Rifle Cases: Rifle cases are used to cover and protect a rifle. They are loose fitting and can be made of Elk, Buffalo, Deer or Deer Tanned Cowhide.


Quigley Belts: Sharps cartridge belts, designed after the cartridge belt worn by Matthew Quigley in the movie “Quigley Down Under”.


Cowboy Cuffs: Leather wrist cuffs were used during the late 1800’s to protect cowboy’s wrists from rope burns, brush scrapes, cow kicks and to make shirt cuffs last a little bit longer.


Custom Leather Accessories: Accessories include hat bands, spur straps, hoof pick cases, knife sheaths, tool cases, tobacco pouches, can coolers, check book covers, album covers, money clips, billfolds, cell phone cases, leather plaques, etc.


Saddle and Pommel Bags : Saddle bags are carried behind the saddle cantle to carry personal belongings, small tools, etc.   Pommel bags are used the same as saddle bags but carried on the saddle horn with one bag hanging on each side over the pommel, providing easy access for the rider. 


Rifle Saddle Scabbards: Leather rifle saddle scabbards are used to carry rifles so that riders can keep their hands free. Scabbards can be carried on either side of the saddle and in different positions, such as vertically near the saddle horn or horizontally under the saddle fender.



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